DCCEX Setup Guide

If you have asked us to set this up for you, please forward to step 2


  • (1) Setup WIFI
  • (2) JMRI Configuration
  • (3) JMRI Configuration
  • (4) Final Steps

DCCEX Installer

We recommend you use the DCC++ EX Installer. https://dcc-ex.com/download/commandstation.html#exinstaller Once downloaded, unzip/extract. Plug your command station into your computer. Open the extracted folder and double click BaseStationInstaller.exe

Once loaded, use the below settings: Base Station Type: CommandStationEX Board Type: Mega (unless you ordered an Uno variant) Motor Shield Arduino Motor Shield COM Port The COM port your command station is plugged into. This can be found in the device manager. Tick the "WIFI" Box Enter your WIFI details for your home/railway network. Do not change Hostname, server port, or IP Address Press "Compile and Upload"

Install JMRI

Download the latest version of JMRI from here: https://www.jmri.org/download/index.shtml#prod-rel Once installed on your computer, open "PanelPro". There will be an icon on your desktop if installed on a windows computer. If using a RaspberryPi, this uses a Linux based operating system. You will find the downloaded JMRI download in your downloads folder, extract this. In the extracted folder double click on "PanelPro" and select "Execute In Terminal"

The 1st time you open JMRI you will be greeted with the below error. Select "Edit Connection"

Use the below settings to connect JMRI to your command station. Note 1: If using a WIFI command station you will need to find the IP address of your command station by logging into your router. The command station will have a Hostnane similar to "ESP_729386" Note 2: If you are not using a WIFI command station, change "System connection" to DCC++ Serial, Select the COM port your command station is plugged into

Press "Save" This will prompt JMRI to restart.

(4) Final Steps

Once PanelPro has launched Goto: Edit ---> Preferences. Select "Start Up" on the left-hand side, then "Add" at the bottom. Select "Perform Action" Select "Start WiThrottle Sever" Select "Ok" Select" Save" Select "Restart"

Once JMRI has loaded again, You will be presented with the below:

This will show you the connectivity status of your JMRI server. Once someone connects wirelessly, for example using the "Engine Driver" application it will show their client details in this box. Note: As default track power will be "unknown" this is also off. Press "unknown" to turn on track power, you should see red LEDS come on when this is selected on your command station.

If you require any further help with your purchase please contact us via the contact us form on our website or via eBay / facebook. Many thanks for your purchase.

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