CMMME Prima – DCC Decoder – 32 Outputs – Servos / LEDS / Relays.

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Introducing Prima - Our most advanced decoder.

Prima is our third product to market Currently, there are no other commercial solutions that allow you to operate 32 outputs for as little as £2.50 each. Our previous two were based on Arduinos.  However, whilst both reliable and cost-effective, ease of operation was limited. 

Changes to configuration would have to be done via editing code via a computer and uploading via a physical connection  not suitable for layouts where units are mounted underneath a layout. 

Our easy-to-use web interface allows you to connect to it via its own WIFI access point, or alternatively connect Prima to your own WIFI network. 

Once you have made your changes using the manual found here, saved and restarted your decoder, you’re ready to go! 

Prima allows for both physical and DCC control of these outputs which can be assigned to either a LED, Relay or Servo, with the ability to have a physical button or DCC command, giving the ability to control multiple outputs with the same input. 

An example of this would be to push a button, changing the direction of the servo to change a turnout, at the same time the relay would change the polarity of the track and illuminate a led for a control board. All done with one button push or DCC command. 

Resourced for Prima can be found here:




Prima is made up of four components. 

  • An Esp32 development board, providing the processing power and connectivity for all interfaces. 
  • (2) PCA9685 12 bit PWM drivers. 
  • An in-house designed PCB. Allowing for the above to be interfaced together. Including a DCC interface, 5v input and 16 terminals for physical buttons. The DCC input is opto isolated protecting the decoder from higher voltage track power. 
  • A 3d printed mount.  
  • A 5V 2A DC Power Supply. 


A key focus in the development of the Prima was to ensure ease of control and setup. 

Previous hardware developments by ourselves have involved editing Arduino code, whilst we ensured this was easy to do, we understand this can be overwhelming and time consuming.  

With Prima all configuration can be done via a web browser, simply by connecting your phone, tablet, laptop or computer to the WIFI network created by Prima. 

Once connected, you have the ability to configure each of the 32 outputs.  


A 5V 2A DC power supply.

 A phone, tablet, laptop or computer with WIFI connectivity.


We have invested time and money into Prima’s development and are confident in its ability.

If you have any doubts or questions please contact us via the enquire now button at the top of this page.


Chesterfield model making and miniature electronics will provide lifetime support for your Prima purchase. 

Support can be obtained via the following methods: 



Phone: Telephone number available upon request. 


A 12-month warranty is provided from the date of purchase. 

Warranties are transferable,  however the original invoice must be provided. 

Any hardware or software modifications will make this warranty void. 

 30-day money-back guarantee 

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we will accept your order back with no quibbles. 

Your order must be as new condition without any modifications.  

Return postage to be paid by the buyer. 

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm
Include 5v 2a power supply

Yes, No

Upgrade to full protective case

Yes, No

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10 Replies to “CMMME Prima – DCC Decoder – 32 Outputs – Servos / LEDS / Relays.”

  1. Review of the CMMME Prima First, thank you for the chance to review this product and so far, I have found this board to be the best solution for my railway in more than one way to which I am pleased with. This control board will bring a whole new game to the Model railway scene. Over the past months I have spent some time evaluating the Prima board and I still can’t believe how many features you have managed to fit into one control board. The fact there is a board on the market now that allows you to control up to 32 outputs now on the market is amazing. Before this board came along, I was going to have to use multiple different boards to control different features on my layout but now I can install 3 of these and that can control my whole layout plus a couple of extra features that normally you won’t be able to do with DCC, but this board has made that possible with the relay feature. There are 3 features that I find making this the best board for many modellers. First, the super easy and Userfriendly configuration interface on the board is a first for me along with the multiple pre-programmed angles for quick selection is the first that caught my eye. This has made programming some of the actions on my layout super easy and has made me look into what else I can do to make the layout more user friendly and interactive when guests come to visit. Secondly, the relay feature on the board makes this so versatile. I’m currently still experimenting with linking this board in to operate linear actuators to work a loco lift to go between the multiple levels of the layout. This is still currently being tested and can’t give an update as I’m still trying to implement this with DCC but the concept thanks to this board is possible. I will be looking into using this board to control doors that link the outdoor section to the indoor section of the layout. Finally, the way DCC can be integrated with this board. I currently don’t know of any boards other than the boards that CMMME make that are compatible with making relays possible with DCC within one control board. All I can say is congratulations to the developers of this board and I really hope that this board goes far within the modeller’s world and wish them all the best success, I am really looking forward to what boards you come up with next and what we will have access to in the future with your knowledge of these control boards. I will 1000% be coming back to yourselves in the future to purchase more boards and really look forward to doing work with you in the future. Kind Regards Nathan

  2. Absolutely love this device & fantastic support from Sam Brown at CMMME when I, initially, encountered a minor wiFi set-up issue. Using several of these to control my new N gauge model railway layout – each output drives either servos or simply a relay or LED etc. Inputs are equally versatile too – even a toggle function! All fairly intuitively configurable through the device’s inbuilt web-server.

  3. Fantastic helpful company and so quick to answer any questions you have would recommend to anyone

  4. This piece of kit is so good
    I wanted to use servos for point control on my layout but the cost of what was available really put me off due to the fact it was expensive for hardware that only allowed 6 outlets, then when I saw this I figured I’d give it a try and I wasn’t disappointed
    It works, simple to set up, simple to install, instructions are easy to follow and have had working servos controlling points and for a great price
    I use a single board to control all the points on my layout, servos are cheap and the cables are all plug and play, no soldering required, would definitely recommend
    Next up is to get some signals and lights hooked up too

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